Healing Low Self Esteem from Childhood Trauma

The most common issues I come across in my NLP practice involves low self esteem. If our basic programming is low self esteem then we are going to experience low self esteem in our day to day lives. This is mostly due to unresolved childhood traumas playing out in our subconscious.

With limiting beliefs and suppressed traumas we are unable to reach our goals, change our relationships, have more money etc. When you change your beliefs, you change your reality. PSYCH-K is the fastest of all, multiple beliefs can be changed in minutes. Continue reading “Healing Low Self Esteem from Childhood Trauma”

Why Living “At Cause” is Your Greatest Life Hack

Understanding the differences between Cause and Effect is the KEY to control and success. NOT understanding leaves you victimized and powerless. In this study we will uncover what that means, how it works, and how you can apply this life hack to your own life.

Cause vs. Effect

CAUSE = A reason for an action or condition.
Gives you control over things you can change.

EFFECT = The end result that follows a cause.
Subject to, no control.

Empowerment is: Moving from EFFECT to CAUSE

Living “at cause” is the simplest Formula for Success in existence. It’s the greatest life hack you can ever find. And you can easily do this everyday, in every situation, by altering your mindset with a simple shift in your perception. Continue reading “Why Living “At Cause” is Your Greatest Life Hack”