Let Go and Just Be

We don’t need to recognize pain and suffering. We can let go. While emotional pain and suffering might still be components in some things but they do not have to be our focus. Because recognizing pain and suffering, thinking about it, talking about, only gives it more energy to grow.

Letting go frees your soul. And what becomes is a greater good for all within the woven tapestry of love.

For example, we do not lose time away from one thing to go accomplish another. We gain the time at accomplishing! Or in building muscle we don’t focus on the pain and effort of working out. We instead focus on the enjoyment of the activity, of pushing ourselves, of gaining new skills, growing muscle and reaching new highs.

We can apply it to money.

For example, I don’t have to suffer though work. Or cry over loss of money. I can celebrate and enjoy my task of creating. Of making money. Then seeing it go along its way to its new destination, organically. Money flows. And I can allow it to flow though me easily and effortlessly.

Love Flows Easy

Love So Just Be

And what ties everything together for me is love. Love is the energy that forms the thread which creates the tapestry of all life and existence. I am made of love. I am a conduit of love. And when I allow it to flow through me everything ends up just where it should be. And it is good.

The earth does not groan in pain over catastrophic changes. (well it might, but it gets over it quickly) Such as volcanic eruptions or plate tectonics, mountains rising and falling, or wind storms or forest fires lit by lightening. No. It allows destruction of one thing to happen so that something new is created to take its place. And just lets it be.

So Just Be.

Tend to the proverbial crops. And they will produce. If not, then it was not meant to be what you think it was supposed to be. It became something that it needed it be. So just allow that to be. No struggle, no pain, no suffering. Just be. And then it will all fit together for the good of everything. Well balanced and in love.

Accomplishment does not have to be hard work.

  • A tomato plant does not struggle and labor to produce a tomato.
  • A tree does not work hard at growing to a mighty height and girth.

It just takes time and consistent action.

Yes there might be adversity in the way of growth. But if that happens then know that in its change of direction, or destruction, something new develops. And that something new is always exactly what is needed at that very moment.

Let Go

So let go of preconceived notions of what you think something should be and just enjoy the journey of watching it become what it needs to be.

That’s the way of nature. It’s nature’s way. And nature is a warrior. Nature is relentless in its focus, vision and activity. It keeps on going no matter what happens. To nature there is no shame, and neither good nor bad; it just is.

And what becomes is for the greater good of all within the woven tapestry of love. Only when we don’t force it, just tend to it and then simply let it just be.

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