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“Daniel Sweet does an excellent job of immediately drilling down to the specific issue to effectively bring you forward to see results!”
Peg Mosier

Dennis Kane Review of Daniel Sweet NLP
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“Had the opportunity to have a session with Daniel. It was very different than anything else I have ever tried, in a great way. I spent the rest of last week feeling like a brand new person. I’m actually looking forward to my next flight and feeling confidently hopeful that I could possibly enjoy it!”
Brittany Hancock
B Home Design
Escondido, CA

Dennis Kane Review of Daniel Sweet NLP
Dennis Kane Review of Daniel Sweet NLP

“As someone who has worked with Daniel, I can highly recommend him. Daniel is competent, caring and compassionate, Working with him was an awesome experience.”
Dennis Kane, RN
Founder, Cancer Mastery
Valencia, CA


Toni Martinez Review of Daniel Sweet NLP
Toni Martinez Review of Daniel Sweet NLP

“I have consulted Daniel on a few areas of concern and he taught me how to stand firm on some decisions, believe in yourself. You are worth it. He can also help in in decision making and if you need courage and to be encouraged he is the person to speak with. You won’t be disappointed. “
Toni Martinez
JMC Automotive Concepts
Vista, CA


“Hi my name is Anna Neimark and I’m a personal fashion stylist. And I saw Daniel for reprogramming some limiting beliefs that I had around booking clients, booking my next level of clients that I wanted to attract. And around my money story, around the beliefs that were holding me back in terms of how much I could be charging for that next level of client in my worth and in my value of what I provided. And we went through two different techniques, and it was really cool. It was the combination of the muscle testing and the actual talking through everything, talking through the technique and it almost felt like, you know, programming. Reprogramming your subconscious felt almost like a meditative state. And it was cool to combine all of those aspects of the personal development I’ve already been doing and just taking it to the next level. So it’s a really easy, it’s a fairly quick process actually to just go from ‘I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it’ to ‘Okay, here’s my new belief, and here’s what I’m stepping into’, and now my body, mind, my subconscious is all aligned with that new belief. And thank you so much Daniel for making it so easy to walk through that whole process. You really, really made it simple. And just the way you explain everything, the way you connect with your clients is just amazing. So thank you so much!”
Anna Neimark
Fashion Stylist
San Diego, CA


“Here I am at the at Dare to be D.I.N.O. conference. Debbra Sweet’s conference. And I’ve just heard the incredible talk given by Daniel Sweet. And let me tell ya, he’s on to something really valuable! And I’m gonna take advantage of it because I wanna know what’s going on in my subconscious mind that’s holding me back so we can reprogram it and I’ll have nothing but potential the rest of my life! Thank you.”
Dr. Yale Kadesky, M.D.
Escondido, CA


“Hi, my name is Tracy Weaver. And I’m here at Dare to be D.I.N.O. 2018. Daniel Sweet has done a couple of presentations today that I’ve been very impressed with. And I’m looking forward to working with him and the idea that he can change a lot of my belief systems subconsciously absolutely blows me away! And I can’t wait! Thank you.”
Tracy Weaver
San Diego, CA

Tammra G - Reviews Testimonial for Daniel Sweet NLP
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“Thank you Daniel Sweet for working with me to release anxiety and past anger through your process of PSYCH-K Balance. I have been able to let it go in exchange for a deep contentment and peace.”
Carlsbad, CA

“Doing well. Really Amazed at how much more centered I have felt since our session! Big, big thank you!”
Naomi C.
Lake Elsinore, CA

“So it happened…I actually posted a picture of myself…alone, promoting chair yoga…it works! And thank you. Still can’t believe that I did it.”
Paula W.
Vista, CA

Rosemarie Litoff Review of Daniel Sweet NLP
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“Thank you so much for the talk you gave on NLP at the DINO conference. I learned so much from your talk and the way you presented it was in a manner to clearly implement! Being “behind the scenes” and supporting Debbra to accomplish her goal of putting on this conference is not physically measurable and seldom recognized. Please know that people like me know what it’s like to have support like you gave and so appreciate it!! Also, what a relief for Debbra to have you running the ‘tech component’… Thank you for all you added to my conference experience. Sincerely, Rosemarie”
Rosemarie Litoff
Mortgage Specialist
San Diego, CA

Sophie Kish Review of Daniel Sweet NLP
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“Dan you are such a humble beautiful soul and it was a pleasure to have this experience with you. Thanks for your genuine support. All the best. Sophie”
Sophie Kish
Mindset and Business Coach
Walnut Creek, CA


“Hi, my name is Shelly Goff. I had the privilege and honor to do some work with Daniel today. And his way and his extremely deep knowledge of the tools to help me shift some deep emotional pain in my life is uncanny. If you get the opportunity, and you decide to share and really go to the reality of what’s deep down in your soul, he’s the one that will bring it out in you; naturally and truly genuinely. He’s great at what he does and he has such an amazing way of understanding the techniques that I’ve never seen. I admire the way that he has full knowledge of these skills that he’s learned. I highly recommend him for anything that you want to transform in your life. Have it, go there. Daniel is just amazingly… he has the ability to really see and he won’t let you off easy! He’ll make it happen the right way. And he’s worth every minute of your time. So use Daniel. Thank you!”
Shelly Goff
Co-Founder and Senior Management Consultant at Dental Management Innovations
Gilbert, AZ


“Hi my name is Dennis Kane. I just completed a workshop with Daniel Sweet. And we did some processes together, and he was awesome. He helped me overcome a food addiction that I’ve had for most of my life. And he did it within like five minutes. He’s competent, he’s caring, and he stays right with me. And I really appreciated Daniel’s help. And I really appreciate the fact that I got his care and he was concerned. I highly recommend working with Daniel. If you’re lucky enough to be in his space, absorb it, enjoy it, and just, you know, thank God that you get to do it! Thank you.”
Dennis Kane
RN/Clinical Hypnotherapist at Cancer Mastery
Los Angeles, CA


“My name is Kathrin Zenkina. And I had the privilege and the opportunity to work with Dan Sweet in a session together. And I have to say it was absolutely life transforming and amazing. Dan is someone who totally and completely cares about your results. He so in tune with your energy he’s able to read you and figure out if what you guys are working on together was the shift or there has to be some additional work and clarity to be done, so that you get your shift. When we worked together I was having a lot of trouble battling two different sides of myself. There’s a side of myself that wanted to be successful, and wanted to be visible and seen. I am someone who wants to go into the speaking business. And so I have this part of me that battles with the side of me that wants to be seen and the side of me that’s afraid to be seen. And Dan helped me so much to find that clarity and realize that both of these sides are actually the whole of me. And I am able to stop playing small in my life, able to take my life to the next level. And I highly, highly recommend if you’re someone who’s stuck right now, someone who’s procrastinating , someone who just doesn’t know how to take the next step, to work with Dan and break through all your limitations. And you are just going to be blown away by his skills, the way he cares about you and the way he’s absolutely committed to getting you results. So I highly, highly recommend him! Thank you so much for watching.”
Kathrin Zenkina
Mindset Coach at Manifestation Babe
Los Angeles, CA


“Okay, I’ve had the opportunity to have some services from Dan Sweet. And he’s a great practitioner. I enjoyed his service to me. And he worked with EFT with me. And he was very successful with helping me overcome pain, specifically a headache. And I highly recommend Dan as an individual, as a coach, as a practitioner, somebody who can help you in your life.”
Jim Meyers
Aeronautics Engineer
Centennial, CO

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