Getting Ready for Your First PSYCH-K Appointment

There are 4 Important Steps to getting the most from your first PSYCH-K Facilitation Session:

Step 1: It’s Movie Night!

Before your first appointment set aside about 2 hours for watching these videos. Each is about one hour. The first one is by Rob Williams, M.A. who is the founder of the system called PSYCH-K® and the other video is by PhD Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton.

These two videos explain the “What, How and Why” of this process in much greater depth and detail.

Watching these videos before your first session saves you the time and money of me explaining them to you while in session. They tell you:

  • What PSYCH-K is,
  • How it works for you along with a live demonstration, and
  • Why it works from a scientific perspective.
  • What muscle testing is and how it works

When you come in already knowing what to expect then we can get right into your healing session that much faster.

Watch this video it shows you the “What and How”

Step 2 – Stating Your Goals

What’s your intention and goal?

During your session we will be focusing on what you want, not on what you don’t want. For example, you might come in saying that you don’t want to feel sad anymore. Instead we’ll state that in a positive way by saying “I feel happy today”.

Come to your balance session with clear goals in mind. Use this worksheet before each session to help you clarify your goals. You can fill out this worksheet with 10 different goals or you can break down one large or a few medium sized goals.  Because the more clarity you have the better! Send your completed worksheet to me 48 hours before your appointment.


  1. Goal Statement Worksheet

Step 3 – Review Policies & Procedures

Our service is a relationship where we help the client define and achieve their goals. Our approach is an outcome oriented and solution focused process based on clear and direct feedback. And our primary function is to help the client help themselves. Read, sign and return this Client Service Agreement – Policies & Procedures document prior to our first appointment.

Also fill out the Clarity Questionnaire and send it to me along with your Goal Statements. This is important because it gives you information about how we will work together. And provides me with some basic helpful information about you so I can best serve you.


  1. Policies & Procedures
  2. Clarity Questionnaire

Step 4 – Show Up

Show up to your first appointment. That means three things:

  1. Physically be there on time.
  2. Be there mentally. We need your full attention on your intention of healing yourself.
  3. Be there emotionally. Put your entire heart and soul into this and you will be surprised at how great this works for you!

If you have any questions then phone, text or email me right away.

Daniel Sweet NLP