About Daniel Sweet, NLP Coach and Consultant

Daniel Sweet is a professional PSYCH-K Facilitator and a certified NLP Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming. His coaching and consulting services help people overcome relationship issues and also other personal issues such as fear, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and low self confidence.

Daniel Sweet and his dog Mary
Daniel and his dog Mary

He also helps people in business grow in the areas of greater mental focus and clarity, goal setting, and NLP sales training. Additionally he helps business people rekindle passion and drive for their chosen profession.

His goal in life is to help people become a better version of themselves today than they were the day before. And also for them to see continued growth like that every single day.

Certified Practitioner in:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Life Coaching
  • Business Success Coaching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • T.I.M.E. Techniques (accepting your past, present and future)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • PSYCH-K Facilitator (changing negative beliefs, behavior modification)

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Daniel D. Sweet is also a four time published author, public speaker and co-creator of the Power of Leadership book series. A dynamic and growth minded individual, he’s been an entrepreneur since 1978.

Books by Daniel SweetHe started and operated a multi truck carpet cleaning company, an integrated communications marketing firm and published a monthly magazine. Owned and operated a motorcycle repair shop and currently maintains several active business investments.

Ordained Minister, Bible Scholar, Spiritual Coach

Daniel is an ordained minister. He is the founder of God’s Word First International Biblical Research and Teaching Ministry. Serving as Senior Pastor for two years he helped many transform their lives though the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

Previously Daniel served 8 years (1994-2002) on the Board of Directors for the Association of Christian Fellowships (ACF). And within that time he served as Vice-President of ACF for 4 years (1998-2002). In 2004 he went on launch God’s Word First in order to reach a global audience and serve more people all over the world.

An extensive library of his audio sermons that he recorded live while teaching fellowship is found online at https://godswordfirst.org

Music, Sports, Personal Life

Daniel Sweet began his career in 1985 as a professional musician and an award winning recording artist appearing on stage, radio and seen on TV. He currently plays lead guitar in a band with good friends whom he’s known since 1991.

Daniel Sweet Musician
Daniel Sweet Live on Stage

Daniel is an avid off-road motorsports enthusiast, is athletic and health conscious, a body builder, surfer and dirt bike rider. Married to the same woman since 1993 they are raising two boys together. He and his wife Debbra Sweet are committed to serving people by helping them find excellence within themselves so they can live a life that is more than abundant.

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Contact Daniel Sweet

You can reach Daniel via phone, text message, email and Facebook. See contact page for information.