Two Guitars – A Short Story about Self Confidence

A short story metaphor about how to feel more comfortable in social settings. Two guitars are best friends. One is shy, the other outgoing. One helps the other find inner confidence to fit in.

Two Guitars

Once upon a time there were two guitars. Their names were Martin and Gibson, and they were the best of friends. They knew each other for years. They did everything together. They’d play and laugh and sing together without a care in the world.

When one would riff the other would listen intently then join in just at the right moment easily and effortlessly. It always felt right and sounded great, when they riffed together, because they were so in tune with each other.
And they were very good at what they could do together. And they knew that when they tried something new they could anything they set their mind to.

Then one day Gibson went to party, all by himself. The room was filled with other guitars whom he didn’t know. All types of guitars. It seemed so overwhelming to Gibson! There were bass guitars, and acoustic guitars, some electric guitars like him, and even a few mandolins.

Gibson suddenly felt uncomfortable in this room, seeing what he saw, feeling what he felt, and hearing what he heard. Even though he knew, deep down inside, that he was with just fine guitars who who said they were okay with him being in that room together with them. He thought to himself, I don’t know what to play, everyone seems so different.

Then suddenly, from across the room he set his eyes upon his good friend Martin. He was standing with two other guitars. Such relief! For a moment Gibson forget all his worries about the crowded room full of guitars. And so he walked right though them all toward his friend Martin. Along the way he politely said hello to a few guitars and thought little of it.

Gibson’s countenance changed as he reached his friend Martin because he knew that when he’s in tune with Martin everything always turns out great.

Martin said Hey Gibson! Let me introduce you to my other friends, Jackson and Parker Fly. Gibson was a little apprehensive at first. But as he got to know Jackson and Parker, Gibson began to feel connected to them. And before he knew it they were all in tune together here, totally comfortable and feeling great.

So they started to play together, riffing and jamming, with no worries, not a care in the world. And even though they were all different guitars, and were each used to playing differing styles from each other, to Gibson’s surprise it seemed none of that mattered. Because the music they created together was so fantastic. And they were lost in the moment of creative energy, of giving, and receiving.

It was then Gibson saw Martin excuse himself and leave. For a brief moment Gibson felt scared, thinking, uh ohhh now what do I do? But he was having so much fun that he put that thought away just as quickly as it came. And got himself right back into the groove, where he knows he truly belongs because he feels that’s right.

It wasn’t long now that other guitars began joining in. So Gibson was in the moment, laughing singing and playing without a care in the world with these other new guitars. He was having so much fun! And it felt natural to him. His fears of being different melted away, seemingly a distant memory now that he’s in the groove and trusting in himself.

Gibson realized all he needed was a strong trust in his own ability. Because remember, he always knew he could do it all along. He just needed a friend to remind him of that.

And they all rocked out till the morning light! Playing for hours. Laughing and singing. Riffing off each other effortlessly, easily, and honestly. That’s right.

The End… or is it?

Short story by NLP therapist Daniel Sweet