Feeling Stuck? 5 Signs a Breakthrough is Coming

Feeling Stuck? 5 Signs a Breakthrough is Coming

Are you tired of feeling stuck in life? Do you feel the need to do something different? Are you ready for change? Then you may be approaching a breakthrough.

Here are the 5 signs that a breakthrough is near:

1. You’re Full

You’ve had enough. Enough of your financial problems, enough of your uninspiring career, enough of that extra 20 pounds you’ve been carrying around.

2. Not Happy

Whatever you’re doing doesn’t work for you anymore. Maybe it’s not profitable, and maybe it’s no longer any fun. Maybe you’re tired of not having the energy you know you need to accomplish your desired result. Your current approach might have been successful in the past, but it hasn’t adapted to your current situations.

3. Reaching Limits

Change is now a “must.” For example, if you’re having serious health or financial challenges. Or you’re just done now with emotional problems; either yours or others’ projecting theirs onto you.

4. Insight

You get an insight, or deep understanding of something, and that creates an opening. You have a new outlook on your life and know you need to step forward now to make a major change.

5. Opening

A door opens and you step right through it.

Push Through

Push through feeling stuck until you reach the breakthrough you know you’re ready for. This may be the open door you’re looking for. Know that rapid progress is on the other side of your fear; as long as you have the courage walk through the door and trust your intuition.

Open Door, Come in!

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