Why Living “At Cause” is Your Greatest Life Hack

Being at Cause vs Effect

Understanding the differences between Cause and Effect is the KEY to control and success. NOT understanding leaves you victimized and powerless. In this study we will uncover what that means, how it works, and how you can apply this life hack to your own life.

Cause vs. Effect

CAUSE = A reason for an action or condition.
Gives you control over things you can change.

EFFECT = The end result that follows a cause.
Subject to, no control.

Empowerment is: Moving from EFFECT to CAUSE

Living “at cause” is the simplest Formula for Success in existence. It’s the greatest life hack you can ever find. And you can easily do this everyday, in every situation, by altering your mindset with a simple shift in your perception.

Cause and effect is when something happens that makes something else happen. In other words, the cause creates the effect. This is the basis of how everything in our universe works. Everything is subject to something else.
In everything that we do or that happens (cause), there is always a result (effect). . In every effect, there is always a cause.

Just as the things that we do are sometimes the result of some specific event that led us to do it, we do things because we feel it is the right thing to do. When we eat, we always feel full and satisfied and the reason we ate is because we felt hungry in the first place. The chain of events seems endless

Cause and effect can involve people, objects, processes, properties, variables, facts, and state of affairs. They always go together but they are two different events.

In our modern society we are taught to live in EFFECT of external causation. For example, someone says something mean to you (Cause), and then you feel bad about that (Effect). Or the weather changes by dropping in temperature (Cause) and then you are cold (Effect). We are taught to react to our environment rather than control it. We live in Effect rather than being at Cause.

Choosing to flip that paradigm is a simple matter of perspective.

Looking at situations from the perspective of being AT CAUSE gives you choices and power over the situation. Instead of suffering in EFFECT where you have no power and no control. This is a change in mindset.

When you are at cause you are alive with confidence and choices. Even when you lose, you are still in CONTROL. You have power over the situation. Your mindset for success is positive. You lean into challenges because you are in charge of the situation. You get things done!

In contrast, when you are living in EFFECT then you are not in control. And you might feel whipped about like a newspaper in the wind. Your mindset is negative. You might think to yourself, “Why bother? I can’t do anything about it anyway.” And nothing gets done. You go nowhere in life or in your career.

Would you rather be in control at CAUSE or be suffering in EFFECT? You get to choose, every day in each situation, how you perceive things that are happening to you.

When you look for ways that you are at CAUSE for something then you have power and control over it. You have choices to make.

When you are at EFFECT you have no choices at all. You’re powerless over the outcome. Sure it’s a great excuse. And it’s easy to blame people or circumstance for your situation. But is it really a reason? Is that really productive in the long run? Be honest with yourself.

You get what you focus on. So focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Focus on the cause, not on the effect.

Like turning on a light switch (cause), and the light comes on (effect).

You go into a dark room and turn on the light. And you like the light because now you can see. But there was someone sleeping in that dark room. And after you turn the light on they scream in pain “Turn the light off!”

Is the light good or is it bad? It’s neither. The light just is. It’s our own perception of the light that makes it seem good or bad to us.

So if you are distressed by anything, the pain is not due to that THING itself; but your own perception of it. And you have the power to revoke that pain at any moment by simply changing the way you view it.

If there’s an area in your life that’s not working right for you then you are probably being at EFFECT of someone or something. Ask yourself, “How am I at CAUSE for this?” And deeply ponder that.

Being at cause gives you:

  • EMPOWERMENT to move forward

Being at effect gives you:

  • KEEPS YOU STUCK going nowhere

Which side are you on, Cause or Effect?

Which side do you want to be on? Make the choice!

Challenge yourself to look for where you are living at cause and where you are living at effect. Ask yourself, “How am I at CAUSE for this?” And then take action to make positive change.

Look at your life, your family, and your income. Once you apply this new perspective you’ll find that you have more control over the good, and over the (perceived) bad, than you ever thought you had.

Not only that, but you’ll also learn and grow into a more empowered, wonderful, and successful version of you!

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Daniel Sweet, NLP
Email: support@danielsweetnlp.com