Help for Artists, Musicians, Models, and Actors

Coaching, Mental and Emotional Help for Artists, Musicians, Models, and ActorsI help artists, musicians, models, and actors get out of their own way.

What does that mean?

It means that the business of being a prominent figure in the  public eye can mess with your head. It gets under your skin. And it sometimes changes you for the worse in some ways.

And you don’t want that to affect you in a negative way or hold you back. But it does.

And then you get all up in your head about who you are, where you’re going and what you’re doing. Sometimes stress or self doubt creeps in. And then performance suffers. Or your health slips. You get cranky and emotional. And then relationships tank; either personal or professional, usually a little (or a lot) of both.

Things aren’t going the way you want. At least not the way you envision they should. Events are spiraling out of control and you want it to stop but don’t know what to do. So then you slip even deeper and blame yourself or others.

Sound familiar?

You know, sometimes we are our own worst enemy.  You need someone to help you get out of your own way.

Your mental and emotional state are getting in the way of your success and your happiness.

And then you break down.

Mental Mechanic

Cars break down and need an automotive mechanic to fix them. Preferably a specialist in your particular make and model. People break down too.

So you need a mental mechanic. A specialist in your particular life situation.

But don’t beat yourself up about it. Everyone, all people, regardless of their career or station in life or how talented or smart or successful they are, everyone is screwed up in some way. And there are people who can help.

Normal people can find help just about everywhere. Sometimes friends can help. Or professional therapists, counselors, live “rah rah” seminars. Even self help books and online programs. They are all geared to help normal people though normal problems. And for them it pretty much works out.

But You’re Not Normal, are you? – And That’s Okay

Because if you were “normal” you’d have a mundane boring job just like most other people. You’d live your life in private and few people would even know you exist.

But you don’t have a normal job, do you? No. You’re different. And people do know you exist. And they’re all up in your business. Watching you, judging you, holding you to seemingly impossible high standards.

It grinds at you, doesn’t it? And while surrounded by people… you still feel lonely inside.

I understand.

You Live in a Different World

Help for artists and entertainers removing barriers & aligning their goals for better health, healing, and professional growth.Sometimes it seems that you don’t even live in the same world as everyone else. Right?

I get it. I’m an artist and I live in that world too. It can be lonely there. Although it doesn’t have to be.

Your profession demands that you operate at peak performance. You have physical trainers to help you hone your craft. What what about your state of mind? What about your emotional health and well being?

You don’t know who you can trust; even though it’s full with others in your profession. Everyone wants something from you. They use you. Lie to your face. Steal from you; your time, money or drain your emotional energy. They have their own agenda and seem willing to sell their own grandma to make a buck. You know people like that. Too many in fact, am I right?

You know what? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Want to know a secret? It’s not them… It’s all about how you deal with them. And in how you treat yourself that matters the most.

Sure they’re messed up and broken and hurtful. Remember when I said earlier that everyone is screwed up in some way? They’re just people with their own inner demons to slay.

Looking Inward

Coaching, Mental and Emotional Help for Artists, Musicians, Models, and ActorsBut we’re not focusing on them anymore. It’s all about you now.

You want to know why you have all those messed up people in your life? Feeling as though they are causing you so much grief? It’s not the business. It’s not greed or sex or money or power or religion or politics or (fill in the blank excuse).

Here’s the thing: You are subconsciously attracting these predators to you AND teaching them how to control you. WTF – right? And I know that’s not your intention! Sorry for the tough love but that’s what is really going on.

Remember When…

Remember back in your early days as a young artist, when you were just getting started in your career? It was all so exciting, wasn’t it? You had so much passion for your craft. And so good at it too!

You saw a world filled with excitement and opportunity. And you went after it with vigor and conviction in your heart that come hell or high water you’re going to make it! And you did. You made it. Congratulations.

Then what happened?

Life happened. People happened. Stress crept in. Age, exhaustion. Then a little worry and self doubt mixed in. Maybe even some thoughts of “fraud factor” (feeling like you’re not good enough or don’t deserve it).

Then you got all up in your head. Your heart darkened a little. You began seeing the world differently. Your enthusiasm waned. The passion for your talent begin to slip because it feels more like an obligation than the fun and beatifically soul enriching activity that it used to be.

And even though you’ve reached a high level of success you still feel something is missing in your life. That there’s something more. That people see you superficially for what you do on the outside and not for the artist and caring person you are on the inside.

Getting Back on Track

Getting Artists Back on TrackSomewhere along the way in your journey you went off path. And you have to be humble enough to admit that before we move forward.

There’s a solution to every problem. But sometimes we are too close to the problem to see the solution.

That’s where a good helper comes in. Someone who can help you look inside yourself and find the best solution for you. A person of compassion you can trust. One who knows the business you are in and understands the challenges you face.

Let’s get you back on track mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s quicker and easier than you think when you have the right person working with you.

Systems for Growth

Working 1 to 1, together we identify the root causes of your distractions.

I then help you easily change thought patterns and actions to empower you with new skills, understanding and strategies for achieving the success you are looking for.

There’s no weakness in asking for help. Actually, asking for help is a sign of strength. Because it means that you want to grow into a better version of you. And I respect you for that.

Daniel Sweet NLP, Coaching and Consulting Services

I help people in the entertainment industry overcome personal issues and align goals for better health, healing, and professional growth. My services involve self understanding and improvement through coaching, consulting, PSYCH-K and NLP.

My clients are smart, talented and capable. But they are frustrated with overwhelm, distracted by drama and held back by subconscious beliefs that sabotage success. And they want to eliminate problems that hinder them from growing as an artist, improving as a person, maximizing performance and increasing in their profession.

What Happens Next

First we meet in person or over the phone. Together we outline your problems then find viable solutions. And then we act on those solutions by putting a plan in place and making sure you stick to it.

  1. NLP and PSYCH-K Balance Sessions to help you overcome emotional obstacles and change limiting beliefs.
  2. Business Success Coaching and/or Life Coaching to set SMART Goals along with an action plan we develop together and then hold you accountable to following it.
  3. Consulting to straight up tell you what I think you should be doing (and when) to maximize your desired results.

Overcoming Personal Issues:

  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Stress
  • Bad Habits
  • Overwhelm
  • Procrastination
  • Negative Beliefs
  • Feeling of Anxiety
  • Low Self Confidence
  • Difficult Relationships
  • Sudden Emotional Outbursts

Growing Forward in Your Career:

  • Success Coaching
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting
  • Mental Focus and Clarity
  • Subconscious Re-Programming
  • Reigniting Your Passion and Drive

Getting Started

Contact me at Daniel Sweet NLP for a free Clarity Session. We’ll chat for a while over the phone. You tell me what’s on your mind. Things like what’s going wrong for you, and also what’s going right. Then we’ll distill your troubles down to their core issues. And also tell you your core strengths that you can build upon.

You’ll probably be surprised to find that what you originally thought was the problem is only a symptom of a primary issue you were not aware existed in you. And also that it may be really easy to fix.

Most calls are usually about 30 minutes. Could go to 60 minutes so plan your time accordingly.

I’ll tell you how I can best help you succeed by utilizing a variety of techniques and programs. Your time with me could involve NLP Sessions, Success Coaching or Private Consulting.

If after the initial Clarity Call we mutually decide to move forward then we’ll set a time for your first session. Whatever that may be. And you’ll love it.

Contact Info:

Daniel Sweet, NLP